Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Japan set to introduce Landmark Surrogacy Bill

A team of the Liberal Democratic Party has recently compiled a bill on assisted reproductive technologies. It would not only allow donations of sperm and ova from third parties for the purpose of having babies but also conditionally allow surrogate births.
The team hopes to submit the bill in the current session, but its prospect is unclear because the LDP is considering other legislation that bans surrogate births in light of the lingering opposition within the party to such births.
earlier we at Kiran infertility centre have helped several japanese Couples and single parents have a baby through our ivf and surrogacy program,however since the New MHA regulations in 2013 Japanese Commissioning parents are unable to Come to India to have a baby through surrogacy because their Government refused to give a letter of support stating that once the baby is born with the help of a surrogate mother, they will provide citizenship and  travel documents for the baby post birth.
well this requirement from the MHA,Govt. of India is a well thought out one which can prevent babies from being stuck in India post birth however it requires that the foreign country clearly state that surrogacy is legal in their own country.
 several countries have an objection to giving such a letter as even though surrogacy may not be legal in their own country they have no objection for their citizens to go abroad and have a baby through surrogacy.
like i have been saying all along,there is a new government in place and am hoping that they will make a wise decision and overturn the MHA restrictions from 2013.
full report can be read by clicking on the link below.