Friday, 11 July 2014

New Surrogacy pointers for Surrogacy visa applications for Indian Surrogacy

one of our patients but settled in Asia went to the canadian embassy in HK to apply for their medical visa but the official there said that they have to go to India on a tourist visa first- sign the agreement and come back and apply for the medical visa.
we objected and said that this is not necessary as all of our patients since january 2013 who came on a medical visa signed and notarised their agreements in their own countries.this is acceptable as per International law also.
this issue was causing considerable heart burn and the letter above from the MHA,GOV. of India has come at a good time and mentions clearly that the agreements can be signed and notarised and used for medical/Surrogacy visa application and commissioning parents need not come to India for the same thereby saving an unnecessary trip.
the Government has to realise that this is an agreement between 3 private parties and is an agreement based on legality but also on several other emotional and personal issues.they have to realise that they cannot continue to poke their nose into personal matters of private parties in the name of regulation!!
the Modi Govt.has promised that they will improve the Ease of Doing Buisness in is the time to put words into actions!!!