Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kiran Infertility centre in San Francisco!!

I was invited to deliver a lecture on "Costs and Logistics of Surrogacy in India" at a 2 day seminar in San Francisco!!
it''s a beautiful City and i got to meet Kate and Glen Lopez with their Little Ones Zoe and Nolan who were both Conceived and Delivered by the KIC Surrogacy Program
i also Met Esmeralda and Chris who stay in Bakersville who very kindly drove down to meet us with their Son Kai who was also born with the help of our Surrogacy program.
it was great to catch up with them after such a long Time,Esme and Chris are expecting their twins again by the end of the year with the Kiran infertility centre- Surrogacy program.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

It’s Your Turn To Make Family – Surrogacy



                                               Sai Kiran Hospital,                                               
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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Nepal branch:
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KIC is a popular place for surrogacy services in India:

 Surrogacy is legal in India.
  1.  Indian Council of Medical Research or ICMR issued guidelines on commercial surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is being run on those guidelines as they are government initiated.
  2.  In India, surrogacy was allowed without gender-bias and without marital status-bias for years. In 2012, Indian government banned single parent surrogacy and constrained married heterosexual couples. Condition: they should have completed two years of married life in order to be eligible for surrogacy.


A woman who carries a child for someone else is called a surrogate/ surrogate mother. The process is called surrogacy.

Surrogates differ:

  1. A woman who is artificially inseminated either by a donor or by a child-seeker is called a traditional surrogate. The surrogate becomes the genetic mother as her egg(s) is responsible for pregnancy and birth of a child/ children.
  2.  A woman who carries embryos made from IVF treatment is called a gestational surrogate. The surrogate mother is not genetically related to the baby/ babies. Multiple births happen more with IVF treatment.
Why India?
One of the greatest civilizations in the world took place in India. One can easily guess how developed India is. India is a hot-destination for surrogacy (refer Introduction).
  • Easy availability of young, fit women willing to be surrogates.
  • Availability of high-profile medical practitioners and technologically advanced hospitals with some of the highest pregnancy and live birth rates in the world.
  • Less complicated legal framework.
  • Excellent Obstetric and pediatric care.
  • Low overall cost.

More about KIC:

Kiran Infertility Center is one of the oldest IVF clinics in Hyderabad-Secunderabad, India. KIC has the technology and expertise required for surrogacy (refer Introduction). Use of Color Doppler was first introduced by KIC in South India. KIC has helped more than 30,000 couples conceive through different infertility treatments since its inception.
KIC launched its surrogacy program for internationals in January 2006. (Refer Introduction) Within a short span, the IVF surrogacy program was well recognized and trusted across the globe. KIC has trained more than hundred doctors in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction. KIC has organized a number of conferences on infertility. KIC keeps in touch with infertility centers world-over. KIC gives its best to ensure healthy pregnancy and happy birth(s).


Dr. Naresh Sekhar                                                                                        


Managing Director    

  Dr. Kiran D Sekhar  


Medical Director

Dr. Pratima Grover                                                         


 Dr. Samit Sekhar

Executive Director

 Kate Lopez                                                                            


International Patient Coordinato

Ivonete Pedroso

International Patient Coordinator


International Patient Coordinator

  Apart from the roles given, these people engage themselves in other challenging activities.


KIC is the best place for surrogacy services (in India; refer Introduction). Of course, options are many,but a closer examination should reveal the fact.
For additional information, www.kiranivfgenetic.com/
Thank you.

Refer to introduction is for getting legal framework for surrogacy in India.                                       

Role of Fertility Clinics in Surrogacy Treatment – KIC

Role of Fertility Clinics in India

The birth of a child brings in cheers and attaining parenthood is the dream of every couple as it is an eternally rewarding experience. The medical science has grown in such huge proportion over the years that surrogacy treatment has moved forward rapidly. Some forms of infertility that were considered as untreatable in the past have now simple and successful solutions in this age of medical technology. Surrogacy as an option has emerged as a first choice for many infertility conditions and helping many couples to become proud parents of their children. The role played by fertility clinics and centers in India is commendable as these centers are helping couples in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

The establishment of fertility clinics or surrogacy centers has led to an increase in huge number of tourists coming to India as patients and their relatives who come for surrogacy/IVF is contributing to the economy by helping tourism industry directly and indirectly. The fertility industry in India has grown rapidly due to these fertility centers with more and more couples preferring surrogacy. Even popular celebrities from Bollywood such as Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan whose son Azad was born in 2011 through surrogate mother has helped in removing stigma associated with surrogacy in several sections of the society in recent years.

Surrogacy Statistics

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment or ART clinics popularly known as fertility centers are chugging along on the good intentions of everyone one involved such as surrogate mothers, fertility experts and intending parents. There is a great synchronization happening through fertility centers where lawyers, doctors, surrogates, society and the state meet in helping a perfect baby to be born. Commercial surrogacy is helping Indian economy in getting valuable foreign exchange from tourists or patients who flew over to India from around the world especially from the developed economies such as United States, United Kingdom.
For further details, one can contact us by visiting our website
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Medical Tourism Surrogacy

Medical Tourism Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a legal and successful alternative for the couples who are not able to create a family their own. A great surrogacy experience depends on trust, understanding, good communication and respect for all the couples that can be involved. It can be fulfilling experience for Surrogate Mothers and is frequently the only option for an infertile couple to have their own naturally related child. At KIC, we believe every couple has right to become parent via third party reproduction irrespective of their ethnic origin, age, religion, marital status, gender or sexual orientation.

For whom Surrogacy is Beneficial

IVF Surrogacy
  1. Mostly, IVF surrogacy is useful in women whose ovaries are generating eggs but they do not have uterus. For e.g., in the following cases:
    • Surgical removal of the uterus due to cancer, severe hemorrhage in Caesarian section or ruptured uterus.
    • Congenital absence of uterus
  2. A woman whose uterus is deformed or damaged uterus or at high risk of split and is not able to carry pregnancy then she will be recommended for IVF surrogacy.
  3. Women who have repetitive failed IVF cycles may be advised for IVF surrogacy in view of unexplained factors
  4. Women with Auto Immune disorders or medical/Surgical conditions which will complicate pregnancy

Is Surrogacy for you?

For some couples choosing surrogacy is a straight forward assessment, while for others there will be lot of points to be considered and supposed about before taking the decision. Infertility professional or a relevant doctor will help the couple seeing things in the right perspective.
For more information please contact us through,
Phone no: 9948175768

International Surrogacy in India

Parenthood is a natural life changing and eternally rewarding experience. The science of infertility treatment has leaped forward. Some forms of infertility which was not treatable in the past have a simple way out today- Surrogacy is a boon that can help many childless couples and can also help individuals who are not able to deliver a baby.
We at KIC, with the well-resourced ART infertility treatment and highly knowledgeable specialists in the field, to make fulfill the dreams of parentage; we have been able to help thousands of infertile couples and single parents all over the world over many years.

We will provide support and guidance right from the beginning of the process till you take your child home. Also explain clearly how the surrogacy and IVF program works with regards to legal procedures, screening and logistics of running a cycle. We will make every effort to your dreams come true
If you have any queries or would like to communicate with our specialists regarding surrogacy and IVF program please contact us through,
Phone no: +91-99 4817 5768
Skype Username: kiranivf

Monday, 21 September 2015

Now it is Possible to grow Human Sperm in the Lab from scratch- No More Donor Sperm in the future!!

Surrogacy in India at the Kiran Infertility centre

Human sperm cells have been made in the laboratory for the first time by culturing immature cells taken from the testes of infertile men. The breakthrough promises to help young boys made sterile by cancer treatments and adult men who cannot make their own sperm, scientists have claimed.
The sperm cells made in an artificial “bioreactor” look identical to those produced naturally. The technology could be used in two to four years to help infertile men have their own biological children, according to researchers based at a French national research institute in Lyon.
Scientists have been trying for two decades to find a way of producing human sperm in the test tube (in vitro). But no one has been able to complete the complicated cycles of cell division and development that lead the immature “germ cells” in the male testes to become fully mature sperm cells capable of successfully fertilising eggs.
A collaborative team led by Philippe Durand, scientific director of a biotechnology start-up called Kallistem, now claims to have produced mature human sperm in vitro from immature germ cells taken from the testes of six men who are infertile.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Surrogacy in India.

We are Very happy for Michael and Marlyse Montgomery on the birth of their Son who was born yesterday via the KIC Surrogacy program
he weighed 2.9 Kilos and is healthy