Friday, 6 September 2013

Fire in the Blood!!

in one of my earlier entries i had written about Big Pharma Companies and their refusal to sell drugs at a cheaper rate to millions of needy folk in the developing world.
Fire in the Blood,” directed by Irish-Punjabi filmmaker Dylan Mohan Gray, describes itself as an intricate tale of medicine, monopoly and malice.

The documentary, which opens in the U.S. this weekend and in India next month, argues that Western pharmaceutical companies and governments caused at least 10 million unnecessary deaths since 1996 by aggressively blocking the developing world’s access to low-cost AIDS drugs.

The film, narrated by actor William Hurt, follows a group of activists who came together to stop what they describe as the crime of the century.

Before the documentary’s New York premiere, Mr. Gray spoke with The Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time about taking on Big Pharma and the starring role India can play in the global struggle for affordable medicine.
the trailer can bee seen on the link below,i cannot wait for it to release.