Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Surrogacy is not safe in Thailand.


according to news reports Thailand is set to open up on surrogacy - to allow women who are willing to carry and deliver babies for others who are not their relatives.

Physicians involved in surrogate deliveries will be asked to register with the Medical Council of Thailand, in a bid to prevent illegal surrogate babies which is rampant in thailand,a majority of babies born through surrogacy are shown to be born out of wedlock.

 however surrogacy will be Altruistic and not commercial"The council is now considering how to prevent the use of this arrangement for commercial purposes,"  said an official after a meeting of the Medical Council's executive committee.

 Last year, Thai police arrested a Taiwanese gang that lured Vietnamese women to become surrogate mothers for children to be adopted by rich foreigners. The scam was uncovered when immigration police raided a house in Bangkok and rescued 13 of such women. The case also involved hospitals and personnel providing surrogacy services.