Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Surrogacy India-Exit visa granted for American Couple

Dr. Samit,
Jak and Eldam and their gorgoeus twins flew back to the USA yesterday night!!yes the regulations are different now for singles but it does not mean that anyone will stop you from taking your baby back home.
if you have signed up before the regulations were in place,the government agencies will do their job,they will screen and if everything is fine then you will be granted the exit visa.there is a lot of stuff being written about on the Net.99% of it is hearsay by vested interests.dont get bothered by the rumour mongering!!
A good clinic and their team will back you all the way even in the most difficult of circumstances,it is important that you do the same.
a big round of applause is due for Mr Satvinder Singh and Mr.Ranbeer singh who have slipped into their jobs as case managers with stupendous ease!!Both the singh's played a big part several babies getting their exit visas by continuously following up with the FRRO officials and other Govt.Agencies and making sure the exit visas were granted in the quickest possible time.
i guess they are right when they say-"SINGH IS KING"