Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Surrogacy Story from USA

After years of trying to have a baby, we only ended up in disappointment after each failure. It was in early 2011, we decided to try surrogacy through KIC. I guess we perfectly fit into the 'third time lucky' group! After 2 unsuccessful cycles, we were back in Hyderabad for the third time in September of 2012.. the whole city was decked up for Ganesh Chaturthi and we took that as a sign of hope and positivity!   
After weeks and months of email-waiting, belly-scan-understanding, nail-biting moments, in April of 2013, we both were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Aditi and we became a family! She has been such a joy in our lives.. feel truly blessed!
Our eternal gratitude to our surrogate Mrs. M! Thanks to KIC for making our dream come true!
-Ach & Sree