Thursday, 19 June 2014

surrogacy in India-Process and Timeline for canadian babies.

Mrs and Mr.Feiwei Yang with their baby.they are from Canada and their baby was born last month and now they are back home in Canada within a short span of 4 weeks
i must say that Apart from the American post birth process,the Canadian process with the Canadian Embassy in New Delhi is also quick,effective and streamlined.they do a DNA test between the child and the genetic parent and once it matches they issue the passport and citizenship to the newborn.
roughly about 2 to 3 weeks is needed from the canadian consulate to grant citizenship and passport for the baby.
EVENT TIMELINE  for canadians post birth

Preparation Before Going To India

1. Apply for Medical Visa.  Since the visa is usually valid for 3 months, and you may need to stay
in India for 2 months to complete everything, you may not want to start applying too early.  Or
you may want to apply for a 6-month multiple entry medical visa.

2. Email Canadian Embassy in New Delhi at to inform them you're going to get your baby born through surrogacy and ask them what you need
to know and prepare. 

3. Fill the citizenship and passport application forms as much as you can, so you can identify
what you need to do once you're in India.

4. Choose and hire a Canadian DNA testing company approved by Canada for immigration purpose. This company will set up a DNA file for you and inform the Canadian Embassy in Delhi.    

Day 1: Birth

Day 3: Release from Hospital. Usually the baby is kept for observation  in the tertiary care hospital for 48 hours post birth

Since many of you are first time parents Rooming in with the baby is essential for 24 hours before discharge

Day 4-Collection of birth certificate
No detectable digital alteration and no additional framing lines should appear in the final photos as they have also resulted rejection of photo in Xiaoping's case.
Day 4 or 5 or 6: Take photo of baby for Canadian citizenship and passport application, and for exit visa application.  All in different sizes.  

While getting pictures clicked Be aware of the following:

- Hold the baby head up to take a picture is better than taking a picture of the baby lying down.  In the latter scenario, the baby's cheek may block the view of their ear(s) resulting rejection of photo.

Day 7: Once you have the birth certificate and other certificates obtained for you by KIC, you can either go to the Embassy to submit application in person or to express mail both citizenship and passport applications by using the DHL Express Center about 10 minute walk from the Service Apartment.  The Center dispatches its packages after 7:30pm once a day.  So you need to go there before 7pm.  Your package will usually arrive at the High Commission of Canada the next day at about 9:30am. 

You can fill most of the application forms while you're in Canada before flying to India. It's better you do this, so you know what you will need to do in India.  (Note: You can use the credit card payment authorization form to pay everything, including the fee to have the baby's passport mailed to you by express mail which takes two days -- if the Embassy mail it on Monday, you'll get it on Wednesday.)

In the passport application, there is a section for Guarantor or its equivalent.  If you can't get the equivalent done in time, you can mail the citizenship application first. The passport application will be process only after the Citizenship is granted which is dependent on the DNA results.

Here is the list of document that you need to include in your baby's citizenship application package:

1. Application Form - signed
2. Photos - 4
3.Original Surrogacy Agreement (notarized) -- 
4. Non-objection Certificate (NOC) - where surrogate gives up rights.
5. Hospital Certificate discharging surrogate and baby.
6. No Dues Certificate (NDC) from the Children’s hospital
7. Hospital Discharge Summary (stating baby's health condition)
8. Embryo Transfer Certificate -- from KIC.
9. No Dues Letter from KIC – 
10. Birth Certificate of the baby.
11. Credit Card payment authorization form.
12. Notarized copy of your passport.  – 
13. Notarized copy of your Medical Visa. – 
All documents should be original or notarized copy of the original.  The Canadian embassy will return all of them to you by mail once they have reviewed your application.

Day 8 (Option 1): Email and Call the Consular Section of the Embassy to follow up to ensure that they have received your application and to check with them if anything is missing in your application.   

Day 8 (Option 2): Fly to Delhi early in the morning to arrive at the Embassy just before it opens, to submit all applications in person.  Here are the advantages of submitting in person:

1. You can have them check your applications to ensure all is correct and nothing missing.

2. You can apply for temporary passport for your baby, which will shorten the passport application process from 11-15 business days to 3-5 business days. For the temporary passport, you have to apply in person!  There is additional fee for this.  But it's worth it.

Day 13 (estimation): Hopefully by this date or an earlier date, the Embassy has approved your citizenship application and has made an appointment for you to submit DNA sample in Hyderabad. 

Day 15 (estimation): Give DNA samples of the baby and yourself at the appointed Dr. office in Hyderabad.  You could have also given your own sample in Canada to familiarize yourself with the sampling process and the forms that go with the sampling process.  The Dr. office will ship your samples to the Canadian company the same day later and give you a tracking number.

Day 16-18 (estimation): Notify your DNA testing company of the upcoming DNA samples.  Track their arrival and follow up with the company to ensure that they test the samples ASAP.  Keep following up with them to get the report ASAP, and have them email the report to canadian consulate

Day 19 (estimation): Follow up with consulate to ensure that they promptly approves the DNA report which means the approval of the citizenship.  Once the Citizenship is approved, ask them to notify the section that processes the passport application to get that process started immediately.  

For passport application, they need you to produce a proof of traveling plan.  

Day 20 (estimation): E-mail and call canadian consulate or 91-11-4178-2590 to ensure that they start processing the passport application right away and inquire about if you miss anything in the application (if you have mailed your application) and also the approximate date you may receive the passport.

Day 25 (estimation): Hopefully you will receive the temporary passport around this day. And KIC would have by now prepared every document for you to apply for exit visa. 

Day 26 (estimation): Go to FRRO with your baby to apply for exit visa. 

You can expect to leave the country with your baby between day 31 to day 35 post birth