Thursday, 4 December 2014

Commercial Surrogacy is now possible for Foreigners in Nepal

A Cabinet meeting has passed the proposal tabled by the Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal opening the door to foreign couples to have babies through surrogacy in the country.
chief of curative division said that they have developed a work-plan following the cabinet decision to ease the visa process, adding that a foreigner willing to give birth through surrogacy has to furnish documents that the sperm and ovum of the respective parents have been fertilised and that the embryo is implanted inside the woman’s womb. “Once the required documents are in place, we provide an official recognition to the baby,” The birth certificate of an individual without citizenship has to be verified by the ministry before issuing a letter to the Department of Consular Services for visa purpose.

Surrogacy in Nepal is available for Single Men and Women,Married Couples,Married gay and Lesbian couples and Single gay and lesbian population.
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