Friday, 26 December 2014

Xmas Message from kate And Glen Lopez and their beautiful Daughter Zoe!

Dear Dr. Samit Sekhar & Kiran InfertilityCenter Staff,
Though the surrogacy journey I met and and spoke to so many couples that have only one wish - to become parents and nothing makes me happier than news that finally their dream of becoming parents will be coming true!
I met many lucky couples that have babies already of course Kiran Babies!
Over the past 2 weeks I found out that 2 lucky couples will become parents!!! One week ago I received a phone call from a couple that I met when Zoe was just a little baby and they shared that they will be having not one, not two, but THREE babies! OMG, when I hung up the phone I cried from happiness like a baby. My husband thought that somebody died. Today I found out that another dear friend of mine will have twins next year - this was the best Xmas present ever!!!! Thank you Dr. Samit and the Kiran Staff, there is no words that can describe how grateful we all are for what you are doing. I do not care if Santa is coming! I received the best Xmas gift - news of the babies coming. I have the feeling that the next year will be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a very Merry Christmas. May you all in India be as happy as all of the happy's a picture of them with their daughter who was also born through our surrogacy program and they are expecting a sibling next month.