Sunday, 10 May 2015

First surrogacy babies in nepal.

Surrogacy in Nepal

We Are happy to announce the birth of the first babies through our Surrogacy program in Nepal
a boy and a Girl For Mr.Martin from USA
a boy and a Girl for Mr.Nick from Australia.

it's been a challenging few weeks for Nepal as a country and for us as well to assess the damage caused and to take care of the immediate challenges in terms of arranging proper Obstetric care for the mothers and Paediatric care for the children
 we are thankful to the Grande International Hospital for taking such excellent care of the mothers and their babies in these trying times. we are also extremely thankful to the ground team -Roshan,Vikram and Suman who bravely stayed back to help the needy in this dire situation when people better equipped fled nepal for Safety
Things are falling into place.  flights are pretty much back to normal barring a few delays.Hotels, restaurants etc are doing their best to offer their services in the best manner possible
we are also thankful to Sirisha Panchagnula for donating 150us$ towards " HELP NEPAL " initiative.your help will forever be remembered by the people of Nepal.A lot of folks talk about helping but only a few come forward and actually help!!
Nepal will bounce back!!