Monday, 8 June 2015

Update from India -Hyderabad and Gurgaon!!

late last week Tatiana Goncalves and Sandro Menzes from Brasil  were blessed with a healthy baby boy.
So congratulations to them!!
the Hot Summer is coming to an End with the arrival of Monsoon and the Rains!! it's getting cooler by the day in Hyderabad
Gurgaon is very hot because the rains begin a little later in the northern part of the country
we had our first batch of cases in Gurgaon last month and we achieved a 50% pregnancy rate which is good according to International standards but i am not happy,i believe we can do more and i have spoken to the team in Gurgaon about it!!
it is a small and modest start but we hope to help more couples there when our presence is more noticed as within a 2 mile radius there are 8 other facilities which offer fertility treatments!! it is competitive but i wouldn't have it any other way!!