Thursday, 24 September 2015

Role of Fertility Clinics in Surrogacy Treatment – KIC

Role of Fertility Clinics in India

The birth of a child brings in cheers and attaining parenthood is the dream of every couple as it is an eternally rewarding experience. The medical science has grown in such huge proportion over the years that surrogacy treatment has moved forward rapidly. Some forms of infertility that were considered as untreatable in the past have now simple and successful solutions in this age of medical technology. Surrogacy as an option has emerged as a first choice for many infertility conditions and helping many couples to become proud parents of their children. The role played by fertility clinics and centers in India is commendable as these centers are helping couples in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

The establishment of fertility clinics or surrogacy centers has led to an increase in huge number of tourists coming to India as patients and their relatives who come for surrogacy/IVF is contributing to the economy by helping tourism industry directly and indirectly. The fertility industry in India has grown rapidly due to these fertility centers with more and more couples preferring surrogacy. Even popular celebrities from Bollywood such as Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan whose son Azad was born in 2011 through surrogate mother has helped in removing stigma associated with surrogacy in several sections of the society in recent years.

Surrogacy Statistics

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment or ART clinics popularly known as fertility centers are chugging along on the good intentions of everyone one involved such as surrogate mothers, fertility experts and intending parents. There is a great synchronization happening through fertility centers where lawyers, doctors, surrogates, society and the state meet in helping a perfect baby to be born. Commercial surrogacy is helping Indian economy in getting valuable foreign exchange from tourists or patients who flew over to India from around the world especially from the developed economies such as United States, United Kingdom.
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