Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How music gives IVF eggs good vibrations by making them more likely to get fertilised

Some of the colleagues of mine are attending the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual conference in London and told me about an interesting presentation by a group of spanish researchers that Playing music to an egg in a dish in an IVF lab increased the chances of it being fertilised by 5 per cent.
The Spanish researchers believe that the tiny vibrations produced by music give fertilisation a helping hand,They think the vibrations may ease the passage of nutrients into the egg and speed the removal of toxic waste, so increasing the odds of fertilisation taking place and the embryo surviving.

apparently Pop, classical and heavy metal were equally good,apparently these group of music lovers placed iPods in half the incubators and left them playing music including pop songs by Michael Jackson and Madonna, heavier tracks from Nirvana and Metallica and classical works by Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi.
When they checked the dishes, they found that fertilisation rates were higher in the incubators in which music had been played.
Embryos don’t develop the ability to hear for at least 14 weeks, so the Doctors think that the vibrations produced by the music are key.
at first the idea seemed bizarre to me but it could have some scientific basis.
after ICSI we keep the Embryos in a petri dish filled with culture media but after natural intercourse the embryos move down the fallopian tubes and then pass all the way to the uterus so maybe the vibrations from the music maybe mimicking this affect! well seriously i dont know! maybe more studies are needed but who would have thought!!