Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Busy busy busy-i love being busy with work!!

Oh Boy!! has it been a busy week or what!!!
so many babies born in the last one week.
first the Coldren's from USA had twins in the first week of march and then a couple of weeks ago a UK based couple Lee and Matt had their twins as well,these two were born premature and a lot of time was spent in consultation with the paediatricians to ensure that no complications developed.
thankfully they are doing fine now and will be recover fast,fingers crossed and a prayer on the lips for them.
Today Manel From Spain was blessed with a baby girl and so were Mrs and Mr.yang from canada.
April/may has been all about girl power.the number of girls born were siginifcantly higher than boys.
all the babies and their Surrogate mommies are doing fine..
its not just the clinical work and the work in the ivf lab that keeps me busy,since the change in regulations i have to work closely with both the Singh's to make sure that the paperwork for the medical visas/Surrogacy visas is updated from time to time and given to commissioning parents on time.all embassies across the world are not yet full in tune with the process especially because they outsource the paper work and hence someone or the other comes up with a new checklist every now and then and this keeps the lads on their toes all the time!!
right now it feels like the medical part is the easy part and the paperwork required for babies born through surrogacy especially for some countries such as the UK is simply ridiculous!!
we realise the importance of the surrogacy journey and we also realise that no two sets of commissioning parents will be the same,so we always make sure that we dont drop the ball when it comes to the paper work because this is extremely vital.