Sunday, 1 June 2014

Surrogacy Bill stalled again in USA!!

Bobby Jindal who is of Indian Descent once again showed his conservative leanings by vetoing the Louisana Surrogacy bill

For the second year in a row, Gov. for the state of Louisana, Bobby Jindal has vetoed legislation that sought to set up a legal framework for surrogacy births in Louisiana.
Jindal announced the veto Saturday, three days before the end of the legislative session. His chief of staff, Kyle Plotkin, delivered the news by phone Saturday morning to state Sen. Gary Smith, who co-sponsored the legislation.
The governor, in his veto message, wrote that “despite the good intentions and hard efforts of the author, this legislation still raises concerns for many in the pro-life community.” He said he couldn’t “in good conscience, sign this bill.”
With his veto, Jindal killed legislation that attempted to give parents legal protection when they turn to a surrogate to carry their biological children. The bill’s sponsors — a state senator and a state representative whose wives grappled with reproduction issues — made a number of concessions without ever garnering the governor’s support.