Saturday, 11 October 2014

Surrogacy -French Government takes 1 step forward and 2 steps Backwards

PARIS–The French "Protest for All" movement has gathered 100,000 participants in Paris and Bordeaux on 6 October 2014.  Last week, Prime Minister Manuel Valls wanted to reassure, and affirmed to be opposed to gestational surrogacy, a practice of what he calls as “commercializing human beings and merchandising the female bodies”, something intolerable, according to his own words. France also plans a global initiative to get a ruling among the states to this affect.God Only Knows what stone age he is still living in!!

Last weekend, “La Manif pour Tous” or Protests for all has once again shown the sustainability of the movement and its supporters.  Established in November 2012, in reaction to the Taubira law on marriage between persons of the same sex, the movement has grown to a reach that no sociologist or political scientist could have predicted: six large protests, including two that gathered around one million people. With this last rally, the government seems to have understood the message coming from a solid base of the population, defending a “natural” family pattern as the foundation of French society.

This is the card of appeasement PM Manuel Valls played a few days before the rally, admitting he had changed his mind on gestational surrogacy, and recognizing in the public debate the virtue of having evolved government positions. “I think we cannot go towards this kind of procreation that would question our values and principles,” declared the Prime Minister during a press conference in Matignon office.
The gestational surrogacy and the assisted reproduction for people of the same sex, were actually underlying effects of the first piece of legislation on marriage for all sexes in 2012.  What belonged to the natural state of a human being would be legislated by political ideas. That is why, considering the public outcry that started two years ago, and thanks to a deeper debate, the government is now strictly opposed to the legislation of gestational surrogacy.
Some of My French Patients were very excited and hoped that they would be able to access Surrogacy abroad but unfortunately it seems they might have to wait for a change of Government.