Thursday, 2 July 2015

NOTW-Surrogacy in Hyderabad-India.

Yesterday i was chatting  with our Patient co ordinator from the UK and we were discussing how we enjoy the work we do,both of us had similar thoughts and this is what i told her when we were discussing work!!
"Our work is such we are blessed!!
Everyone at home says I am a workaholic but they probably don’t realise the amount of pleasure I derive from this work.seeing all those babies i have helped conceive in the Embryology lab  is such a joy! I feel blessed that God Gave me the skill and the opportunity at such a young age!!
I will get the opportunity to see Hundreds of children grow up in front of me thanks to the Internet and facebook!!not many Doctors or embryologists will have the oppurtuntiy to experience what I am experiencing because e a lot of them start their careers in their thirties and forties!!

I was lucky to start in my early twenties!!
and to now present the births in the last week
congratulations to Manine and Maciek Imosa From Australia on the birth of their baby girl. 2.5 Kilos at the time of birth and doing well.we wish them well!!

Congrats to Melissa and Bhasker from Canada on the birth of their baby boy,he came a little early and is a tiny fellow but is doing well and to Soraya and Mohummad from Mauritius on the birth of their baby boy as well.