Friday, 31 July 2015

Update from kathmandu

Hearty Congratulation to Mr.Cory Howland from the USA on the birth of his Son- 3.5 kilograms .the boy was born a couple of days ago and is doing well. the American Post birth process is by far the easiest compared to other countries-it is simple and straightforward,the latin american countries such as Brasil,Argentina comes a close second followed by Canada and Spain.Australia is also straightforward but time consuming-30 to 40 days. UK by far is the Worst in terms of processing citizenship and passport applications and will take anywhere between 4 to 6 months.

when we did our first UK case in 2006/7,it was so much simpler- 14 days however when more and more people started to go abroad for Surrogacy they decided to tighten things by extending the time frame slowly but surely,perhaps under the impression that it will prevent people from going abroad for surrogacy. well it did not actually happen that way and we still get a lot of Folks from UK for Surrogacy in India and Nepal as well and they are not deterred by the time frame to leave India with their baby/ies.