Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Why Ukraine Has Become A Hot-Spot For Child Surrogacy

Kiran Fertility Services has been helping Intended Parents via our Surrogacy Ukraine program for over 2 years. Surrogacy in Ukraine became very popular and Ukraine is called the 'capital of surrogate maternity' as the laws concerning surrogacy are relatively lax in comparison to other countries. The surrogate mother does not have the right to reconsider - that is, to keep the child instead of handing the child over to the Intended Parents. The price of the surrogacy process is also affordable.
"In many European countries surrogacy is allowed only if it does not entail a financial exchange," says Sergey Antonov, a lawyer from IRTSA Ukraine - one of the first firms in Ukraine to offer assisted reproduction services.

One of the laws issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine says that surrogacy can only be offered to a married couple which, for one reason or another, has been diagnosed as infertile and incapable of reproducing. 

We were always committed to help anybody to have a baby via our surrogacy program regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation or the fact that someone is or is not legally married and this is why we started with our Surrogacy Program in Kenya:
Surrogacy Kenya helped and is continuing to help many Intended Parents to have babies. It always feels good  to see "OUR" babies grow.